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NEWOOD MOULDING - Thumbnails of pages of 2007 Product Review & Design Guide

Wood molding and trim for interior design and decorating. Includes our 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 door and window molding, one-piece architrave with optional 45 degree ends, crown molding, cove molding, traditional door and window casing, chair rails, base molding, base shoe molding and back bands. Pre-cut molding option saves job-site labor and reduces waste.

Moldings are available in solid hardwood : Select Alder, Knotty Alder, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany (Khaya), Clear Pine, Knotty Pine, Poplar and Oak. Crown molding also available in Euro Beech. Door and window molding also available in primed MDF Lite for painted trim.

Product Review &
Design Guide

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wood molding for interior design product & design guide one-piece architrave eliminates need for job site build up Architraves & Keystones for doors and windows 3-in-1 Door Molding inclucles rosette, leg and plinth in 1 piece
page 1 - molding examples page 2 - 1-piece Architrave page 3 - Architraves & Keystones page 4 - 3-in-1 Door trim
door & window molded trim parts door & window wood molding cut-to-size ready to install How to measure door and window openings for molding trim Architrave (lintel) style door examples and profiles
page 5 - Trim parts page 6 - Cut-to-Size page 7 - How to Measure page 8 - Architrave Doors
Rosette Style Doors (3-in-1 legs) with and without Keystones Architrave (lintel) style windows with sill extension architrave (lintel) style windows with rosettes square rosette style windows
page 9 - Rosette Doors page 10 - Architrave Windows with Sill Extension page 11 - Architrave Windows with Rosettes page 12 - Square Rosette Windows
square rosette style window casing with window sill extension Rounded Rosette style window casing Rounded Rosette style windows with window sill extension Crown Molding, Cove Moulding, Casing, Chair Rail, Base Molding
page 13 - Square Rosette Windows with Sill Extension page 14 - Rounded Rosette Windows page 15 - Rounded Rosette Windows with Sill Extension page 16 - Moulding Options
solid hardwood Chair Rails & Cove Molding Crown Moulding - solid wood crown molding solid wood crown moulding in 4 sizes Base and Base Shoe molding available in solid wood
page 17 - Chair Rails &
Cove Moulding
page 18 - Crown Moulding page 19 - Crown Moulding page 20 - Base & Base Shoe Moulding
5-3/8" & 6" Base Molding and 3/4" Base Shoe Molding solid wood Door and Window Casing & Back Band Door & Window Casing (Trim) & Back Band Trim Why buy NEWOOD Moulding?
page 21 - Base & Base Shoe Moulding page 22 page 23 page 24 - Why buy
NEWOOD Moulding?
Product Review & Design Guide Pages:
    Thumbnails of pages
01   Mouldings & Trim examples
02   One-piece Architrave
03   Architraves & Keystones
04   3-in-1 Door Moulding Trim
05   Door & Window Moulded Trim Parts
06   Door & Window Trim Cut-to-Size Program
07   How to Measure Door & Window Openings
08   Architrave profiles and door examples
09   Rosette Style Doors with and w/o Keystones
10   Architrave Style Windows with Sill Extension
11   Architrave Style Windows with Rosettes
12   Square Rosette Style Windows
13   Square Rosette Style Windows with Sill Extension
14   Rounded Rosette Style Windows
15   Rounded Rosette Style Windows with Sill Extension
16   Moulding Options
17   Chair Rails & Cove Moulding
18   Crown Moulding - solid wood
19   Crown Moulding - solid wood
20   Base & Base Shoe Moulding
21   Base & Base Shoe Moulding
22   Door & Window Casing
23   Door & Window Casing & Back Band
24   Why Buy NEWOOD Moulding?

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